Hot Platen, Laminating, and Multi-Opening Presses



Advanced Machine Design Company designs and manufactures a line of down or up stroking hot platen press systems for a variety of materials. These hot platen presses are used for diffusion bonding of high strength, high temperature metals, and aluminum. The AMD hot platen presses are also used for composites, super plastics forming, compression molding SMC materials, fiberglass reinforced plastics, and polyester thermosetting plastics. The same series are used as lamination presses with sizes and tonnage varying considerably with application.


The AMD lamination press and hot platen press designs can be configured in single or multiple openings based on customer requirements and material specifications. Plates can be heated by oil, steam, or direct electric.  Key features of our hot platen and lamination presses include: non-contaminating temperature resistant platens, accurate multi-zone temperature control, accurate pressure and speed control through ramping stepping and back-off cycles and forced parallelism control. Multi opening presses are custom configured based on production needs, space available and production requirements.


Advanced Machine Design Company Hydraulic Presses can be supplied with entry and exit automated material handling. This is the value added of purchasing an entire turnkey system from one vendor.


Standard Press Features:

  • PLC Control with digital operator interface
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA regulations for safety
  • Heavy duty industrial design with 4 to 1 safety factor
  • Guarding to individual specifications with E-Stop circuits
  • Minimal deflection design
  • Overload protection
  • NEMA rated panels
  • Oil  cooler
  • JIC/NFPA standard components
  • IEC rated electric components


Optional Accessories:

  • Light curtains
  • Pressure strips
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Die tables
  • Die loaders
  • Die clamping
  • Die storage
  • Local or centralized controls


Advanced Machine Design Company Hydraulic Presses: rugged, reliable, versatile, and efficient.








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