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Advanced Machine Design Company designs and manufacturers heavy industrial hot and cold extrusion presses for a variety of industries. Our extrusion press designs utilize the latest in technological advances to ensure that they meet our customer’s demanding process requirements.


A cold or hot extrusion press forms a shape by pressing a billet or slug through a die. Extrusion presses can utilize either hot or cold billets depending upon material type, product type and desired results. The cold extrusion process generally yields better mechanical properties, a better surface finish and no oxidation when comparing it to a hot extrusion press.


Hot extrusion presses are typically used to produce products like automotive trim parts, construction applications, window frame members, railings and aircraft structural components. Cold extrusion presses typically produce collapsible tubes, aluminum cans, and cylinders to name just a few.


Advanced Machine Design Company Extrusion Presses can be supplied with entry and exit automated material handling. This is the value added of purchasing an entire turnkey system from one vendor.


Standard Press Features:

  • PLC Control with digital operator interface
  • Meets or exceeds OSHA regulations for safety
  • Heavy duty industrial design with 4 to 1 safety factor
  • Guarding to individual specifications with E-Stop circuits
  • Minimal deflection design
  • Overload protection
  • NEMA rated panels
  • Oil  cooler
  • JIC/NFPA standard components
  • IEC rated electric components


Optional Accessories:

  • Light curtains
  • Pressure strips
  • Remote system monitoring
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Die tables
  • Die loaders
  • Die clamping
  • Die storage
  • Local or centralized controls


Hydraulic Press Types and Applications:


Advanced Machine Design Company Hydraulic Presses: rugged, reliable, versatile, and efficient.




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