Hydraulic Shear Systems




The Advanced Machine Design Company Shear System is a series of equipment specifically designed to produce the highest productivity possible with AMD Hydraulic Bar Shears. The shear system is optimized with material feeding, gauging and exit handling equipment specifically designed and tuned to the application.


The System utilizes integrated gauging and bar feeding to achieve the highest degree of accuracy in close tolerance shearing. The AMD Hydraulic Bar and Billet Shear System delivers clean, square cuts in accurate lengths on ferrous, non-ferrous, stainless steel and many alloys previously considered un-shearable. Other features of the system are high rates of repeatability, precision gauging, and automation previously not available on conventional machines.


AMD Two Post Hydraulic Bar and Billet Shear System: Key Features:

  • Most accurate bar shear cuts available
  • Integrated precision gauging
  • Highest productivity rates
  • High rates of repeatability
  • Integrated bar feeding
  • Turnkey system from a single vendor


Shear Machinery Types:


Advanced Machine Design offers a complete line of standard and custom material handling machinery. Each system is designed and engineered to interface with our hydraulic bar shears. By utilizing a modular concept, AMD is able to provide a totally automated bar shear system specifically tailored to the customer's needs.† The modular concept also allows the bar shear system to grow as the customerís needs grow. These systems are flexible enough for both hot shear and cold shear applications.


Advanced Machine Design Company Hydraulic Bar and Billet Shears: rugged, reliable, versatile and efficient.




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