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The Advanced Machine Design Company Two Post Hydraulic Bar and Billet Shear is the most versatile of our bar shear designs.


The two post bar and billet shear design incorporates our standard hydraulic shear features. Our patented circuitry that controls the Back Support and Direct Acting Hold Down System, eliminating “bar slap”, extending knife life and producing the highest quality shear cut available. The two post hydraulic bar shear uses heavy duty tooling that prevents scale buildup in the knife pockets. The knife design also allows for the cutting of unusual shapes and structural profiles. Our design allows the two post shears to be used to hot shear or cold shear materials.


The AMD Two Post Hydraulic Bar and Billet Shear design offers several distinct advantages making it extremely versatile. The two post bar shear has exceptional accessibility allowing for easy access and quick knife blade changes. This feature becomes invaluable if running multiple shapes and sizes as the time savings is significant for operators and maintenance personnel.  This design also allows for greater design flexibility for in-feed and exit material handling equipment.


This quick change knife blade feature of the two post bar shear allows for rapid knife blade changes for maintenance or knife changes. The operator simply turns a switch, which unclamps the knives in the shear, changes knives, sets gap, and in a matter of minutes the bar shear is back up and running. Our tooling manipulator option eliminates any heavy lifting, making knife changes quick, safe and easy.


Another distinct advantage to the AMD Two Post Bar and Billet Shears is the Knife Blade Gap Adjustment. With this feature the operator can quickly adjust the knife blade gap with just a turn of the micrometer type dial located on the side of the bar shear. With this feature the setup time between product changes is substantially reduced. This also eliminates the time consuming use and adjustment of knife shims and hand tools.


The two post shear design also allows for tipping of the hydraulic bar shears to allow for the squarest possible cut with certain materials and process requirements. Optional integrated induction heating systems are available for the two post bar and shears to eliminate stress cracks in cut material. Full induction heating systems are also available to heat the material for cutting at forge temperature.


AMD Two Post Hydraulic Bar and Billet Shear Key Features:

  • Most accurate bar shear cuts available
  • Rapid profile changes
  • Quick knife blade changes
  • Micrometer type dial knife blade gap adjustment
  • Most versatility of any bar shear
  • Design allows for tipping of bar shear to produce the straightest cuts possible
  • Best operator and maintenance access
  • Most cost effective shear in terms of maintenance and downtime and related costs
  • Configurations to hot shear or cold shear
  • Optional induction heating to eliminate stress cracks in cut material
  • Optional full induction heating to cut at forge temperature
  • Tooling manipulator option


Shear Machinery Types:


Advanced Machine Design offers a complete line of standard and custom material handling machinery. Each system is designed and engineered to interface with our two post hydraulic bar shears. By utilizing a modular concept, AMD is able to provide a totally automated bar shear system specifically tailored to the customer's needs.  The modular concept also allows the bar shear system to grow as the customer’s needs grow. These systems are flexible enough for both hot shear and cold shear applications.


Advanced Machine Design Company Hydraulic Bar and Billet Shears: rugged, reliable, versatile and efficient.

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